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Judith of Blue Lake Ranch
written by "Gregory, Jackson, 1882-1943"
...on the street looked wonderingly after them, demanded to know "what was up," and, receiving no answer, swung in behind Carson. In the Golden Spur the arrivals were greeted by a heavy silence. Sandy Weaver forgot to set out the drinks which had just been ordered by three men who, in their turn, forgot that they had ordered. Men at the tables playing cards put down their hands and rose or turned expectantly in their seats. Lee put Quinnion down on the floor. The man lay there a moment blinking at the lights above him and at the faces around him. At length his eyes came to Lee. "Damn you," he muttered, trying to rise, and slowly getting to his feet with the aid of a chair, "I'll get you——" Then Bud Lee gave his brief explanation, cutting Quinnion's ugly snarl in two. "This is Quinnion's farewell party," he said bluntly. "He is a liar and a crook and an undesirable citizen. I have told him all that before. He took it upon himself to say about town that I am all of those things which he is himself. I have damn near killed him for it; I am going to give him ten minutes to get out of town. If he doesn't do it, I am going to kill him. And in that ten minutes he is going to find time to eat his words." "I'll see you in—" began Quinnion, as something of the old bluster came back to him. "Shut up!" snapped Lee. "Carson, let me have your gun." Carson, wondering, gave it. Lee dropped it on the floor at Quinnion's foot. "Pick that gun up and we'll finish what we've begun," he said coolly to Quinnion. "I won't shoot until you've got it in your hand and have straightened up. Then I'll kill you. Unless first you admit that you are the contemptible liar every one knows you are, and second, get out of town and stay out. It's up to you, Quinnion." Knowing Quinnion, the men moved swiftly so that they did not stand behind either him or Lee. Sandy Weaver, shiftin...

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