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The Subspecies of the Mountain Chickadee
written by "Grinnell, Joseph, 1877-1939"
...aker County, Oregon, taken October 16, 1907, might be referred to P. g. abbreviatus; but the tone of color of back and sides is much darker than usual in that form. It is certainly much darker than in P. g. inyoensis. Its tail is but 65.3 mm. long. A skin (♀, no. 18, Morcom coll.) from Camp Harney, Harney County, Oregon, February 17, 1875, has a tail length of 67.7 mm., and in depth of color is about intermediate between abbreviatus and P. g. gambeli. A specimen (♀, no. 136639, U. S. Nat. Mus., Biol. Surv. coll.) from Fort Spokane, Lincoln County, Washington, September 28, 1890, is almost identical with gambeli in coloration; but it, too, has a short tail, only 64.4 mm. long, though there is chance of error here, as several of the rectrices are missing. The writer prefers to leave these last three examples for the time being unplaced. It is clear that intergradation between Penthestes gambeli gambeli and any one of the other three subspecies is less well established than between any two of these other three. But sufficiency of material from the proper localities through eastern Oregon and eastern Washington would likely prove its existence as is the case between the California forms. Measurements (in Millimeters) of Selected Specimens Representing the Four Races of Penthestes gambeli   U. S.N. gambeli gambeli SexDateLocalityWingTailExposedculmenDepthof bill 160697♂Nov. 24, 1892Boulder, Colo.71.771.28.84.0 109948♂Oct. 8, 1886Pueblo, Colo. 109949♂Oct. 5, 1886Pueblo, Colo.70.970.38.5 4.0 176650♂Sept. 23, 1888Madison E., Gallatin Co., Mont. 124151♂Sept. 15, 1888Jefferson E., Gallatin Co., Mont.69.767.710.03.6 188823♂Oct. 15, 1902Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyo. 62546♂Nov. 17, 1872Filmore, Utah69.868.38.33.5 136638[1]♂Sept. 27, 1890Sawtooth Lake, Idaho68. 228227[1]♂Sept. 14, 1910Teton Pass, Wyo.7...

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