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A Desperate Chance
Or, The Wizard Tramp's Revelation, a Thrilling Narrative

written by "Halsey, Harlan Page, 1839?-1898"
...h he made his way, and at length he landed in a pretty good sized inner cave. "Well, I reckon we've got it here." The lad proceeded to search around with the care of a detective looking for clues. He did find evidences of some one having been in the cave; he found the handle of a dirk, a small bit of a deerskin hunting jacket, and finally a little bit of pure gold. He examined the latter under his lamp, satisfied himself that it was a nugget of real gold in its natural state, and his heart beat fast. "I've got it at last," he muttered; "yes, I thought I knew how to carry on this search. Creedon must have done it too hurriedly." Desmond felt quite proud of his success; he had struck it sure, as he believed, and he continued his search, and was intently engaged when suddenly he heard a sepulchral groan at the instant he had plunged into a sort of pocket and was feeling around; but when he heard that groan he started back into the cave and stood as white as a sheet gazing around in every direction, and there was a wild terror in his eyes. He stood for fully two minutes gazing and listening, and finally he said: "Great Scott! what was that I heard—a groan?" Desmond, although brave and vigorous, after all was but a lad of less than eighteen. He could have faced a grizzly bear, but when it came to the supernatural he was not equal to it. The fact was he was dead scared, and, then again he believed he had really struck the hidden recess where the old Mexican's gold was secreted. The young are more susceptible to superstitious fears, as a rule, than older people; they are not skeptical. Desmond listened a long time, and as he did not hear the noise again, and feeling an intense desire to find the hidden treasure, he again went to the rock pocket and plunged in, but immediately there came again the groan, clear, distinct, and unmistakable, and also a voice commanding: "Go away, go away; do not disturb my...

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