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Uncle Sam's Boys in the Philippines
or, Following the Flag against the Moros

written by "Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving), 1868-1922"
...s and extended one arm in silent direction to Noll. Then they crept noiselessly into the mouth of the gully. So far they had not been hailed, but this was not positive proof that human eyes were not watching their movements. Once inside the gully they moved, cautiously, still on hands and knees, halting after every advance of two or three feet. They were shivering in their thin raiment, for the rain was heavy and cold. Noll's teeth were all but chattering. "I don't believe the gully is guarded at all," whispered young Overton in his friend's ear. "This place looks so like a trap that few military commanders would ever think of leading men into it in the dark. I figure that the datto thought this gully not worth guarding by night." "The slopes above us on either side may be well guarded, however," warned Noll. "Yes; and you can wager that we'll know all about that before we try to go back to camp," returned Hal. "The place to start such an investigation is from the rear of the enemy's lines." "All right; lead on." They had gone another hundred feet into the gully when Hal Overton stopped again. Now he rose to his feet. "We'll walk through," he whispered. "I don't believe we will run into any of the datto's men hereabouts. If we do, leave it to me to do the first talking." "Jersey hog-Latin?" queried Noll, with a grin. "Of course; Spanish or English would be fatal to fellows who look the part that we're rigged up to play." Hal walked on, steadily, though with caution. Noll kept a few feet behind him until the gully widened, then stepped to his chum's side. Neither spoke. There was danger in unnecessary conversation. They had covered six hundred feet more when they felt, rather than saw, that they were nearing the further end of the gully. At last they stepped out into the open—then received a sudden shock. Less than a dozen feet away a Moro sentry, rifle on shoulder, halted, regarding them keenly. "M...

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