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Publisher's Advertising (1872)
written by "Harper & Brothers"
...ete cheap edition of his poetical works has been an acknowledged desideratum. Messrs. Harper & Brothers, taking advantage of the conclusion of the Arthurian Poems, have now supplied this want by publishing an attractive household edition of the Laureate’s poems, in one volume, clearly and handsomely printed, and illustrated with many engravings after designs by Gustave Doré, Rossetti, Stanfield, W. H. Hunt, and other eminent artists. The volume contains every line the Laureate has ever published, including the latest of his productions, which complete the noble cycle of Arthurian legends, and raise them from a fragmentary series of exquisite cabinet pictures into a magnificent tragic epic, of which the theme is the gradual dethronement of Arthur from his spiritual rule over his order, through the crime of Guinevere and Lancelot; the spread of their infectious guilt, till it breaks up the oneness of the realm, and the Order of the Round Table is shattered, and the ideal king, deserted by many of his own knights, and deeply wounded in the last great battle with the traitor and the heathen, vanishes into the darkness of the world beyond. The print is clear and excellent; the paper is good; the volume has illustrations from Doré, Millais, and other great artists. Really, the edition is a sort of prodigy in its way.—Independent. Those who want a perfect and complete edition of the works of the great English Poet Laureate should purchase the Harper edition.—Troy Budget. A marvel of cheapness.—The Christian Era. The whole get-up and style of this edition are admirable, and we are sure it will be a welcome addition to every book-case, large or small. But the marvelous thing about it is the price, which is only one dollar for the handsome cloth binding.—Tribune (Wilmington, Del.). A marvelous instance of blended beauty and cheapness.—Charleston Courier. Published by HARPER &a...

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