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The Skilful Cook
A Practical Manual of Modern Experience

written by "Harrison, Mary"
... Place on them a layer of pigs' fry. Sprinkle it with some of the onion, apple, and powdered sage, pepper, and salt. Cover with another layer of potatoes; and put on that some more of the fry. Sprinkle again with the onion, apple, pepper, and salt. Proceed in this way until the dish is full, letting the last layer be potatoes. Pour in half a pint of water; and cover the dish with a piece of pig's caul, or paper spread with dripping. Bake in a moderate oven for one hour and a half. It may be served in the pie-dish, or on a hot dish.   46 Mock Goose another way. Ingredients—1 lb. of pigs' fry. Some dried and powdered sage. Chopped apple and onion. pint of cider. Pepper and salt. Method.—Cut the fry in slices. Thread the pieces on a long skewer. Lay it on a greased baking-tin, and sprinkle with the onion, apple, sage, pepper, and salt, and cover with the caul. Bake in a moderate oven until tender. Then place the fry on a hot dish, and remove the skewer. Make the cider boiling, and pour over the fry.   Tripe and Onions. Ingredients—2 lb. of tripe. 3 good-sized onions. 2 pints of milk. 2 oz. of flour. Pepper and salt. Method.—Put the tripe into cold water, and bring it to the boil; this is to blanch it. Blanch the onions likewise, then throw the water away, and cut the tripe into neat pieces. Put them in the milk, with the onions cut in halves, and pepper and salt. Stew gently for an hour. Then take out the onions and chop them. Remove the tripe, and put it on a hot dish. Make a thickening of flour, and boil it well in the milk, and add the chopped onions. 47 Dish the tripe in a circle, and pour the milk and onions over. Tripe may be cooked more economically by substituting water for milk.   Stewed Tripe. Ingredients—2 lb. of tripe. 1 quart of brown sauce (see Sauces). ...

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