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Schweigger on Squint
A Monograph by Dr. C. Schweigger

written by "Hartridge, Gustavus"
...d as early as his second year. The deviation amounts to 5 or 6 mm., is sometimes alternating, generally the left eye deviates. No convergent movement on fixing a pencil about 25 cm. distant; the right eye is then used for reading, the left one makes a distinct, but not a sufficient, movement inwards. Emmetropia on both sides, visual acuteness nearly perfect on the right, on the left 2/3 of the normal. Even with red glass and prisms deviating in a vertical direction, double images not perceived. On October 2nd, 1879, shortening of the left internal rectus, tenotomy of both externi. A week later divergence was no longer present. When reading, the left eye makes a distinct, perhaps rather too great, movement of convergence, and yet six weeks after the operation, distinct divergent squint was again present, even if to a slighter degree than before; the left eye deviates 3 to 4 mm., the right 2 to 3 mm. outwards. The result obtained amounted then to not more than about 3 mm. In the middle of December the tenotomy of both externi was therefore repeated. A week after the operation convergent squint of 2 mm. is present with homonymous diplopia. A pencil made to approach on the middle line is seen double to about 20 cm., on approaching nearer, double images are not perceived in spite of distinct relative divergence. Double images at a distance of 4 m. are corrected by prism 25°; as, however,[Pg 138] normal binocular vision is not present, the value of this statement is very questionable. Three weeks after the second operation the position of the eyes was normal, and the slightest convergence was perceived only on close investigation. Double images are no longer observed, however they may still be brought to view. In periodic divergent squint, if the deviation is considerable and frequent, if at the same time the normal near point of convergence is only attained with difficulty or not at all, we can hardly combine shortening of the internus ...

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