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The Palace of Pleasure
Volume 2

written by "Haslewood, Joseph, 1769-1833" two louingely deuided the army and men of Warre in two partes, eyther of them defendinge (with great hardinesse) the Landes which they had conquered: and to make themselues more dreadfull (sutch was the credite and vanity of men that time) they fayned to be the daughters of Mars. Afterward these miraculous women liuing after this maner in peace and iustice, considered that by succession of time, for want of daughters that might succeede, warres, and time, would extinguish their race. For thys cause they treated maryage with their neyghbors named Gargarians (as Plinie sayeth) with condition, that vpon certayne tymes of the yeare, their husbandes should assemble together in some appoincted place, and vse them for certaine dayes vntyll they were with chylde, whych beinge done and knowen, they should returne home agayne to their own houses. If they brought forth daughters, they norished and trayned them vp in armes, and other manlik exercises, and to ride great Horse: they taught them to run at Base, and to followe the Chace. If they were deliuered of males, they sent them to their fathers, and if by chaunce they kept any backe, they murdred them, or else brake their armes and legs in sutch wise as they had no power to beare weapons, and serued for nothynge else but to spin, twist, and to doe other feminine labour. And for as mutch as these Amazones defended themselues so valiantly in the Warres with Bowe, and Arrowes, and perceyued that their breastes did very much impech the vse of that weapon, and other exercises of armes, they seared vp the right breasts of their yonge daughters, for which cause they were named Amazones, which signifieth in the Greeke tongue, wythout breasts, although some other do geeue vnto that 162 name any other meaninge. Afterwards, increasing by course of time in number and force, they made greate preparation of Weapons and other Engins for the Warres, and leauing their countrey (which they thought was v...

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