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Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns, and Homerica
written by "Hesiod", the trees.' The reference may be to the origin of men from ash-trees: cp. "Works and Days", l. 145 and note.] 1622 (return) [ sc. Atlas, the Shu of Egyptian mythology: cp. note on line 177.] 1623 (return) [ Oceanus is here regarded as a continuous stream enclosing the earth and the seas, and so as flowing back upon himself.] 1624 (return) [ The conception of Oceanus is here different: he has nine streams which encircle the earth and then flow out into the 'main' which appears to be the waste of waters on which, according to early Greek and Hebrew cosmology, the disk-like earth floated.] 1625 (return) [ i.e. the threshold is of 'native' metal, and not artificial.] 1626 (return) [ According to Homer Typhoeus was overwhelmed by Zeus amongst the Arimi in Cilicia. Pindar represents him as buried under Aetna, and Tzetzes reads Aetna in this passage.] 1627 (return) [ The epithet (which means literally 'well-bored') seems to refer to the spout of the crucible.] 1628 (return) [ The fire god. There is no reference to volcanic action: iron was smelted on Mount Ida; cp. "Epigrams of Homer", ix. 2-4.] 1629 (return) [ i.e. Athena, who was born 'on the banks of the river Trito' (cp. l. 929l)] 1630 (return) [ Restored by Peppmuller. The nineteen following lines from another recension of lines 889-900, 924-9 are quoted by Chrysippus (in Galen).] 1631 (return) [ sc. the aegis. Line 929s is probably spurious, since it disagrees with l. 929q and contains a suspicious reference to Athens.] 1701 (return) [ A catalogue of heroines each of whom was introduced with the words E OIE, 'Or like her'.] 1702 (return) [ An antiquarian writer of Byzantium, c. 490-570 A.D.] 1703 (return) [ Constantine VII. 'Born in the Porphyry Chamber', 905-959 A.D.] 1704 (return) [ "Berlin Papyri", 7497 (left-hand fragment) and "Oxyrhynchus Papyri", 421 (right-hand fragment). For t...

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