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Laurence Sterne in Germany
A Contribution to the Study of the Literary Relations of
England and Germany in the Eighteenth Century

written by "Hewett-Thayer, Harvey W. (Harvey Waterman), 1873-"
...le-faced English clergyman, who, with his French servant, La Pierre, has wandered in France and Italy and is now bound for Margate. Here again we have sentimental episodes, one with a fair lady in a post-chaise, another with a monk in a Trappist cloister, apostrophes to the imagination, the sea, and nature, a new division of travelers, a debate of personal attributes, constant appeals to his dear Sophie, who is, like Eliza, ever in the background, occasional references to objects made familiar through Yorick, as Dessein’s Hotel, and a Yorick-like sympathy with the dumb beast; in short, an open imitation of Sterne, but the motifs from Sterne are here more mixed and less obvious. There is, as in the former book, much more enthusiasm for nature than is characteristic of Sterne; and there is here much more miscellaneous material, such, for example, as the tale of the two sisters, which betrays no trace of Sterne’s influence. The latter part of the volume is much less reminiscent of Yorick and suggests interpolation by the translator.97 Near the close of the century was published “Fragments in the manner of Sterne,” 8o, Debrett, 1797, which, according to the Monthly Review,98 caught in large measure the sentimentality, pathos and whimsicality of Sterne’s style. The British Museum catalogue suggests J. Brandon as its author. This was reprinted by Nauck in Leipzig in 1800, and a translation was given to the world by the same publisher in the same year, with the added title: “Ein Seitenstück zu Yoricks empfindsamen Reisen.” The translation is attributed by Kayser to 83 Aug. Wilhelmi, the pseudonym of August Wilhelm Meyer.99 Here too belongs “Mariens Briefe nebst Nachricht von ihrem Tode, aus dem Englischen,”100 which was published also under the title: “Yoricks Empfindsame Reisen durch Frankreich und Italien,” 5th vol., 8o, Weissenfels, Severin, Mitzky in Leipzig, 1795. 1. VI, 1, p. 1...

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