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Love and Lucy
written by "Hewlett, Maurice Henry, 1861-1923"
...ere of that sort. Perhaps he'd like Homburg. But he wouldn't go for the world. He's not pathetic at all, though he wants to be; but he wants to be sarcastic at the same time, and is cross because the two things won't go together. Of course he stuck in Francis Lingen. He would. As if he cared about Francis Lingen, a kind of poodle!" "You oughtn't to abuse James to me," Lucy said, not very stoutly; "I don't abuse Laurence." "Abuse him!" cried Mabel. "Good Heavens, child, I only say out loud what you are saying [Pg 202]to yourself all day. We may as well know where we are." Then came a pause; and then, "I suppose you and Jimmy Urquhart are in a mess." Lucy said nothing; whereupon Mabel showed her clear sight. "And I suppose you know now who turned the light off." At that terrible surmise Lucy got up and stood above her sister. "Mabel, I don't know what to do." "I am sure you don't," said Mabel. "On the other hand, you know what you have to do." "Yes," Lucy replied; "but it isn't so easy as you would think. You see, I have never spoken to him about it, nor he to me; and it seems almost impossible to begin—now." Mabel was out of her depth. "Do you mean—? What do you really mean?" "I mean exactly what I say. I found out the truth, by a kind of accident—one day. It wasn't possible to doubt. Well, then—it went on, you know—" "Of course it did," said Mabel. "Well?" —"And there was no disguise about it, after there couldn't be." "Why should there be, if there couldn't be?" Mabel was at her wits' end. "There was no disguise about it, while it was [Pg 203]going on, you know. But in the daytime—well, we seemed to be ordinary people, and nothing was said. Now do you see?" Mabel did. "It makes it very awkward for you. But feeling as you do now, you simply must have it out." "I can't," Lucy said with conviction. "I know I can't do that. No, it must stop another way. I must—b...

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