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A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes
written by "Hildebrandt, Herbert William, 1931-"
...Vyrgyll in hys Georgexe applyed the counselles and fashion of warres belongynge to 41 men; to bees. iii. From the vnreasonable to the resonable. What whinest thou, what chatterest thou? That one taken of a wolfe, that other of a pye. iiii. From the liuinge to the not liuyng. The mouthe of the well, the fatnes of the earth. The lande wyl spewe them oute. v. From the not lyuynge to the liuyng. Cicero florisheth in eloquẽce. vi. From the liuyng, to the liuynge. The iews winched against Moses. vii. From the not liuinge to the not liuynge. The wordes flewe oute of hys mouth. He is good for a greue wounde. Catachresis. Abusio, when for a certeyne and proper worde, we abuse a lyke, or that is nie vnto it, as when we say: longe counsel, lytle talke, smal matter. Here maye we soone perceyue that by abusion wee take wordes that be somwhat nye, whych property do belong to vnlyke thinges. Metalepsis. Transsumptio, Transsũpcion, is when by degrees we go to yt that is shewed as: he hyd hym selfe in the blacke dennes. By blacke is vnderstand 42 ful of darkenes & consequently stepe downe and verye depe. Metonomia. Metonomya, Transnominacion, when a worde that hathe a proper significacion of hys owne, beynge referred to another thing, hath another: & this is done diuerse waies. i. When the chiefe master or doar of a thyng is put for ye thing it self, as: Put vpon you the Lorde Iesus Christ. Also: you play Iudas wt me. ii. When the place, or that that cõteineth, is put for the thyng that is in it, as: All the round earthe prayseth God. Oxforth (some say) hath not forsaken all popery, for the studentes therin. iii. When that that is conteyned is put for that that doth conteine, as: The fryer Austens is goodly buylded, for ye house wher ye fryers wer. iiii. When the doer is put for that yt is done, as: God brought the Israelites out of Egypte wyth a stretched out arme,...

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