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Concrete Construction
Methods and Costs

written by "Hill, Charles Shattuck, 1868-"
...tending from the upper[Pg 601] portion of bars to the surface of ground outside of excavation. These stays were removed after concreting had advanced to a sufficient height to hold the steel securely in place. The wages paid the concrete gang which mixed and placed all the concrete and the carpenter gang which constructed and erected the forms and placed the reinforcement have been given above. The costs of construction materials on the site were: Cement, per barrel$2.57 Sand, per cu. yd.1.80 Stone, per cu. yd.3.15 Lumber, per M. ft. B. M.27.50 The quantities in the completed concrete structure were as follows: Total volume of concrete in reservoir704.71 cu. yds. Total volume of steel reinforcement in reservoir.5.57 cu. yds. —————— Total volume of material in completed structure.710.28 cu. yds. The steel was, therefore, about 0.8%. Volume of material in structure exclusive of roof slab648.35 cu. yds. Volume of material in roof slab61.93 cu. yds. ——————     Total710.28 cu. yds. The cost of the structure per cubic yard of concrete, exclusive of the roof slab, was as follows:   Item.Per cu. yd. Crushed stone$ 3.168 Sand.842 Cement3.859 Reinforcement4.959 Labor, mixing and placing concrete1.721 Forms, labor and material2.960 ———     Total$17.509 In constructing the roof slab the expanded metal reinforcement raised the unit cost. For this portion of the work the costs were:[Pg 602]   Item.Per cu. yd. Expanded metal reinforcement$ 5.241 Other items, same as above12.550 ———     Total$17.791 The floor and the inside surface of reservoir walls were covered with a coating of cement mortar composed of one part Portland cement and one part sand. The wall plastering was from ½ in. to ¾ in. th...

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