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Robert E. Lee
A Story and a Play

written by "Hill, Ruth"
... and give them to this soldier for his friends. SHARPE—I thank you general, and if ever you change your mind, just let Jack Sharpe hear from you. (Exit JACK and SAM. Enter Lee's oldest son, G. W. CUSTIS LEE.) G. W. LEE—Well, Father, hard at work entertaining visitors as usual, I suppose.[56] LEE—Yes, I don't see how so many find the time to come here. G. W. C. LEE—Lots of the poor soldiers are out of work. LEE—I am sorry. Tell them they must all set to work, and if they cannot do what they prefer, do what they can. Virginia wants all their aid, all their support, and the presence of all her sons to sustain her now. G. W. C. LEE—I don't quite know what I'm going to do myself yet. LEE—You can work for Virginia, to build her up again. You can teach your children to love and cherish her. G. W. C. LEE—You are right, Father, all my life you have never failed to give me inspiration. (Exit. Enter SAM and hands LEE a letter. He opens it and reads.) LEE—"Dear General: we have been fighting hard for four years, and now the Yankees have got us in Libby Prison. The boys want you to get us out if you can, but, if you can't, just ride by the Libby, and let us see you and give you a cheer. We will all feel better after it." SAM—Will you all go for to see 'em, Marse Robert? LEE—They would make too much fuss over[57] the old rebel. Why should they care to see me? I am only a poor old Confederate. (Exit SAM, shaking his head. Enter MR. BROWN, a well-dressed business man.) BROWN—I have not the honor of your acquaintance, General, except as all the world knows you. My name is Brown and I represent a well known Insurance Company. LEE—I am afraid my life is hardly worth insuring, Mr. Brown. BROWN—It is not about that I came to see you. I understand you are not as yet permanently employed and I have come, therefore, to offer you the presidency of o...

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