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A Son of the City
A Story of Boy Life

written by "Arting, Fred J."
..., you tell 'em they'll be dropped from the club. We'll have a meeting when everything's fixed, and Mr. Sid DuPree won't think himself so smart." Never was precinct canvassed more thoroughly by a municipal candidate than was the membership of the "Tigers" by the two boys during the week which followed. John dropped the usual walk home with Louise, one day, that he might talk to Skinny Mosher, and hung around the school yard another noon, that he might reassure himself of Brown's loyalty. With a clear majority of six assured over Sid's lone vote, code notices were sent back and forth between the different members until Miss Brown threatened to send the responsible parties to the principal's office. With victory certain, John raced across the school yard and caught up with a certain maiden whom he had neglected sorely of late. "We're going to have a ball team election tomorrow," he explained, as he took possession of her school books. "I've been awfully busy." "I know," she replied absently. "Sid told me. Says he's going to be captain." "Guess not!" John was too pleased with the surprise prepared for his rival to realize the revelation in her words. "Smarty DuPree hasn't much show when six of the fellows are going to vote for me." Conversation lagged. Miss Martin was nervously alert lest she encounter a friendly greeting from Sid while her escort was with her, and John became absorbed in the affairs of the morrow. Strangely enough, he experienced a feeling of relief when he left her at the apartment building and was able to race back to the shack where Silvey was waiting. There the two planned and boasted of combats to take place under his leadership on the renovated baseball field, until a warning conscience reminded John that it was nearing paper time. CHAPTER XVI MORE ABOUT "THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD" One by one, the boys filed in through the Silvey gateway, to squat outside the club-house entrance unt...

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