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The proceedings of the Canadian Eclipse Party, 1869
written by "Ashe, E. D. (Edward David), 1813-1895" night, all preparations were made, and we retired to rest with great doubts about having a fine day. CLEAR FOR ACTION. [11] However, Saturday came at last, and the morning was hazy and overcast; but about eight, the clouds began to break and Mr. Vail and I took some observations for “time.” The afternoon was cloudless; but still a haze near the horizon. At half-past three, we “Beat to quarters.” Mr. Douglas shut himself up in the dark room; I took charge of the telescope; Mr. Stanton, with a light cloth, covered and uncovered the “object glass;” Mr. Vail had his telescope nicely adjusted; and Mr. Falconer was seated in a very good position to observe the dark shadow crossing the country, and to note any other phenomena. At 3h. 38m. 40s., local mean time, the first contact took place, and the first photogram taken, shewing a slight indentation on the sun’s limb. We took the partial eclipse with an eye-piece, giving a 3-inch picture but as it was hazy, I removed it before totality, and took the photograms in the principal focus. I may remark that no one could have had a better view of the eclipse than I had. As I stood in rear of the telescope, I had only to count the double beats of the pendulum of the “Driving Clock,” which I did without taking my eyes off the moon. I exposed the plates of totality for ten seconds, then withdrew the holder, and handed it to Mr. Douglas. We took several photograms of the partial eclipse before totality, four during totality, and two after; but the weather had become so hazy, immediately after the sun made its appearance, that we could hardly get a picture. As all the reports are published, it only remains for the Jefferson party to give theirs, and the eclipse of 1869 can be fully discussed. There are one or two points that the negatives of our party will throw a light upon. With regard to the bright band on the sun, bordering t...

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