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Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (4 of 12)
Stephan Earle Of Bullongne

written by "Holinshed, Raphael, -1580?"
... boroughs and rents, which the duke thereof now hath in his demaine, and namelie of those that belong to the honour of the earle Warren, and namelie of the castels of The castels of Bellencumber and Mortimer. Bellencumber and Mortimer, so that Reginald de Warren shall haue the kéeping of the same castels of Bellencumber, and of Mortimer, if he will; and therevpon shall giue pledges to the duke: and if he will not haue the keeping of those castels, then other liege of men of the said erle Warren, whom it shall please the duke to appoint, shall be sure pledges and good suertie keepe the said castels. Moreouer, the duke shall deliuer vnto him according to my will and The erledome of Mortaigne. pleasure the other castels, which belong vnto the earledome of Mortaigne by safe custodie and pledges, so soone as he conuenientlie may, so as all the pledges are to be restored vnto my sonne free, so soone as the duke shall haue the realme of England in possession. The augmentation also which I haue giuen vnto my sonne William, he hath likewise granted Norwich. the same to him; to wit, the castell and towne of Norwich, with seauen hundred pounds in [107] lands, so as the rents of Norwich be accounted as parcell of the same seauen hundred pounds in lands, and all the countie of Norfolke; the profits and rents which belong to churches, bishops, Hugh Bigot abbats & earles excepted; and the third pennie whereof Hugh Bigot is earle, also excepted: sauing also and reseruing the kings roiall iurisdiction for administration of iustice. Also the more to strengthen my fauour and loue to himwards, the duke hath giuen and granted vnto my Richer de Egle. said sonne whatsoeuer Richer de Aquila hath of the honour of Peuensey. And moreouer the castell and towne of Peuensey, and the seruice of Faremouth, beside the castell and towne of Douer, and whatsoeuer apperteineth to the honour of Douer. The church of Feuersham. The duke hath also confir...

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