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How to Write Clearly
Rules and Exercises on English Composition

written by "Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926"
...less wondered at, that so prodigious an alteration should be made in so short a time, and (37) the crown fallen so low, that it could neither support itself nor its own majesty, nor those who would (47 a) appear faithful to it. And now, in order to explain, as far as possible, how so prodigious an alteration could take place in so short a time, and how the[19] royal power[Pg 65] could fall so low as to be unable to support itself, its dignity, or its faithful servants, it will be of use to set down here, where it comes most naturally, some account of the[20] present temper and composition, not only of both Houses of Parliament, but also of the court itself. (Here follows a description of the House of Lords.) ORIGINAL VERSION.PARALLEL VERSION. In the House of Commons were many persons of wisdom and gravity, who (7) being possessed of great and plentiful fortunes, though they were undevoted enough to the court, (19) had all imaginable duty for the king, and affection to the government established (47 a) by law or ancient custom; (43) and without doubt, the major part of that (54) body consisted of men who had no mind to break the peace of the kingdom, or to make any considerable alteration in the government of Church or State: (43) and therefore (18) all inventions were set on foot from the (15) beginning to work upon (5) them, and (11) corrupt (5) them, (43) (45) by suggestions "of the dangers (8) which threatened all that was precious to the subject (19) in their liberty and their property, by overthrowing (47 a) or overmastering the law, and (47 a) subjecting it to an arbitrary (47 a) power, and by countenancing Popery to the subversion of the Protestant religion," and then, by infusing terrible apprehensions into some, and so working upon their fears, (6 b) "of (11 a) being called in question for somewhat they had done," by which (5) they would stand in need of (5...

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