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Six Little Bunkers at Aunt Jo's
written by "Hope, Laura Lee"
...h Mary seemed to enjoy very much, saying it was much nicer than at her boarding-house, she and the six little Bunkers sat on the porch and talked. Mary told about the funny things which sometimes happened at the bathing-beach. "Well, I'm glad we went there to-day," said Rose. "If we hadn't I'd never have found my airship doll."[242] "You were very lucky," said Laddie. "Yes," added Russ. "I wish I had such good luck as Rose. She found her doll and she found a pocketbook." "Oh, I didn't tell you about that!" exclaimed Rose to Mary. "I really did find a pocketbook in the street, about two weeks ago, and it had a lot of money in it." "Did it?" asked the bathing-beach girl, and she seemed interested more than usual. "Oh, a lot of money," went on Rose. "Please, Daddy, can't I show Mary the pocketbook I found?" she asked, for Miss Turner had told the children to call her by her first name. "I want to show her the pocketbook I picked up," went on the little girl. "All right, you may," said Mr. Bunker. "I'll get it for you," and he brought it from the house. "There it is!" cried Rose. "Wasn't I lucky to pick that up?" "Indeed you were," said Mary Turner, and then, as she caught sight of the wallet in Mr. Bunker's hand she exclaimed: "Why, there it is! There's the very one! Oh, to think that you have it!"[243] "Do you know whose this is?" asked Mr. Bunker. "Ever since my little girl found the wallet we've been trying to find the owner, but we haven't been able to." "That's my mother's pocketbook!" cried Mary. "And it's on account of that she's in the hospital, and ill. Oh, how wonderful!" "Is this really your mother's purse?" asked Mr. Bunker. "It surely is," answered the bathing-beach girl. "She had just sixty-five dollars in it." "That's just how much was in this!" exclaimed Russ. "And besides," went on Mary, "I know the pocketbook. It has a little tear in one corner, and the clasp is bent." "That's right...

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