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I'll Kill You Tomorrow
written by "Huber, Helen"
...d bent closer. Staring up at Lorry from the basket were two clear blue eyes. Two eyes, steady and fixed in a round baby face. An immobile, pink baby face housing two blue eyes that stared up into Lorry's with a quiet concentration that was chilling. Lorry said, "What's the matter with you?" She spoke in a whisper and was addressing herself. She'd gone short on sleep lately—the only way, really, to get a few hours with Pete. Pete was an interne at General Hospital, and the kind of a homely grinning carrot-top a girl like Lorry could put into dreams as the center of a satisfactory future. But all this didn't justify a case of jitters in the "basket room." Lorry said. "Hi, short stuff," and lifted Baby Newcomb—Male, out of his crib for a cuddling. Baby Newcomb didn't object. The blue eyes came closer. The week-old eyes with the hundred-year-old look. Lorry laid the bundle over her shoulder and smiled into the dimness. "You want to be president, Shorty?" Lorry felt the warmth of a new life, felt the little body wriggle in snug contentment. "I wouldn't advise it. Tough job." Baby Newcomb twisted in his blanket. Lorry stiffened. Snug contentment? Lorry felt two tiny hands clutch and dig into her throat. Not just pawing baby hands. Little fingers that reached and explored for the windpipe. She uncuddled the soft bundle, held it out. There were the eyes. She chilled. No imagination here. No spectre from lack of sleep. Ancient murder-hatred glowing in new-born eyes. "Careful, you fool! You'll drop this body." A thin piping voice. A shrill symphony in malevolence. Fear weakened Lorry. She found a chair and sat down. She held the boy baby in her hands. Training would not allow her to drop Baby Newcomb. Even if she had fainted, she would not have let go. The shrill voice: "It was stupid of me. Very stupid." Lorry was cold, sick, mute. "Very stupid. These hands are to...

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