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Fairy Prince and Other Stories
written by "Abbott, Eleanor Hallowell, 1872-1958"
... as though they were going to cry. But her mouth looked as though it was going to laugh. "Oh of course—if it's in the Cause of Science," she said. "If it's in the Cause of Science." [Pg 245] THE LITTLE DOG WHO COULDN'T SLEEP [Pg 247] THE LITTLE DOG WHO COULDN'T SLEEP It was our Uncle Peter who sent us the little piece of paper. It was a piece of paper torn out of that part of a newspaper where people tell what they want if they've got money enough to pay for it. This is what it said: "WANTED a little dog who can't sleep to be night companion for a little boy who can't sleep. Will pay fifty dollars." Our Uncle Peter sent it to my Father and told him to give it to us. "Your children know so many dogs," he said. "Not—fifty dollars' worth," said my Father. He said it with points in his eyes.[Pg 248] "Oh—I'm not so sure," said my Mother. She said it with just a little smile in her voice. It was my Mother who gave us the big sheet of brown paper to make our sign. My brother Carol mixed the paint. I mixed the letters. It was a nice sign. We nailed it on the barn where everybody who went by could see it. It said: "Carol and Ruthy. Dealers in Dogs who Can't Sleep." Nobody dealt with us. We were pretty discouraged. We asked the Grocer if he had a little dog who couldn't sleep. We asked the Postman. We asked the Butcher. They hadn't. We asked the old whiskery man who came every Spring to buy old bottles and papers. HE HAD! He brought the dog on a dungeon chain. He said if we'd give him fifty cents for the[Pg 249] dungeon chain we could have the dog for nothing. It seemed like a very good bargain. Our Father lent us the fifty cents. He was a nice dog. We named him Tiger Lily. His hair was red and smooth as Sunday all except his paws and ears. His paws and ears were sort of rumpled. His eyes were gold and very sweet like keepsakes you must never spend. He had a sad tail. He...

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