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Our Little Lady
Six Hundred Years Ago

written by "Irwin, M. (Madelaine)"
...her to be placed on the tomb, but ere it was finished he would have one of silver: and he gave fifty shillings a year to the hermit of Charing, for a priest to pray daily for her in the chapel of the hermitage.” “Do you think she is still in Purgatory, Aunt?” Avice’s religion, as taught not by the Word of God, but the traditions of men, led her to be doubtful on that point. But her heart broke its way through the bonds. “What, my white dove? my little unspotted darling, that never wilfully sinned against God and holy Church? Child, if our holy Father the Pope were to tell me himself that she was there, I would not believe him. Do the angels go to Purgatory? Nay, I do verily believe that, seeing her infirmity, Christ our Lord did all the work of salvation for her, and that she sings now before our Father’s face.” Poor Avice! she could get no further. But we, who know God’s Word, know that there is but one Mediator between God and man, and that He has offered a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. Before Bertha could reply, an answer came unexpectedly from the dark corner. “Your God must be hard to propitiate,” said the young Jewess. “In old times, after the sacrifice was offered, a man was cleansed from sin. He had not to cleanse himself by his own pain.” “But you are heathens,” said Avice, feeling it a condescension to argue with a Jew. “Our religion is better than yours.” “How?” was Hester’s rejoinder. “Because we have been redeemed by our Lord, who died to save us from Hell.” “It does not sound like it. Then why had the little child to go there?” “She did not go there! She went to Purgatory.” “She went to pain, if I understood you rightly. Why did your Messiah not finish His work, and keep her from going to pain altogether?” “I cannot answer such wicke...

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