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Happy Hearts
written by "Isle, June"
...'I am sorry for all poor little children who are ragged and hungry,' said Mrs. Ritter. 'But, as we can not give them pleasant homes we must do what we can for them; for you know Christ says, "The poor ye have always; and whensoever ye will, ye may do them good."'" "Fritz turned his face away and shut his eyes as though he was tired. But he was not tired; he was only thinking. "He had stopped many times at a little shop, in the edge of town, where baskets were made;[Pg 33] a man, and a woman, and several children worked there, and they made many kinds of baskets; some of them very fine and pretty. "Fritz had sat in the shop a long time that day, and he asked the man if he might come every day, and learn to make baskets. "Now, in his little bed, with his eyes shut, he was thinking how he would make them and sell them for money to help poor children. "The next morning Fritz told his mamma what he had been thinking about. "She was pleased with his[Pg 34] plan; for she thought it would amuse her darling little lame boy. "Fritz went to the basket-maker's shop all Summer, and by the time cold weather came he could make very beautiful baskets. Some merchants in town sold them for him, and by Christmas time he had laid up several dollars, which he said he should give to poor widow Wilcox, who looked sick and pale, and had two children. "Mrs. Ritter gave Fritz a little room at home for his shop; and his papa put into it all the materials necessary for making[Pg 35] baskets; and there Fritz spent several hours every day at his work. "He was happy and said, 'Now I am of some use, as I can help to make others good and happy.' "Widow Wilcox and her children had food, and a fire, and clothes in the cold Winter weather; and it was the little pale-faced lame boy who gave them to her. "Jim and Dora Wilcox learned their books because Fritz wished them to do so. They would not play any more with bad children on the streets, because ...

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