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Mother Stories
written by "Ives, Sarah Noble, 1864-1944" no coal the iron to heat, That the blacksmith may shoe your pony's feet." When she came near the man she stopped to ask him his trouble. Then the man turned away sorrowfully and sat down on a rock near the roadside, sighing and saying:— "What shall I do? What shall I do? My little gray pony has lost a shoe!" After a while a very old woman came down the road, driving a flock of geese to market; and when she came near the man, she stopped to ask him his trouble. He told her all about it; and when she had heard it all, she laughed till her geese joined in with a cackle; and she said:— "If you would know where the coal is found, You must go to the miner, who works in the ground." Then the man sprang to his feet, and, thanking the old woman, he ran to the miner. Now the miner had been working many a long day down in the mine, under the ground, where it was so dark that he had to wear a lamp on the front of his cap to light him at his work! He had plenty of black coal ready and gave great lumps of it to the man, who took them in haste to the blacksmith. The blacksmith lighted his great red fire, and hammered out four fine new shoes, with a cling! and a clang! and fastened them on with a rap! and a tap! Then away rode the man on his little gray pony,—clippety, clippety, clap! HOW THE HOME WAS BUILT MOTTO FOR THE MOTHER The priceless blessing of a happy home can be won only by struggle, endurance, and self-sacrifice. Froebel. Blow's Commentaries. Once there was a very dear family,—Father, Mother, big Brother Tom, little Sister Polly, and the baby, who had a very long name, Gustavus Adolphus; and every one of the family wanted a home more than anything else in the world. They lived in a house, of course, but that was rented; and they wanted a home of their very own, with a sunny room for Mother and Father and Baby, with a wee room close...

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