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Alonzo and Melissa
The Unfeeling Father

written by "Jackson, Daniel, 1790-" to perjure your plighted vows No, it was not that which ... I had worked up my feelings almost to the frenzy of distraction I worked up my feelings ... gently pressed in the hand of the stranger ... in the hands of the stranger a little arbour, at a few yards distant from where I was a little arbour, a few yards distant from where I was a little arbour, a few yards distant from where I sat [160] “I forgive you, Henry,” she said, “I forgive your mistake “I forgive you,” Henry, she said, “forgive your mistake same as 1804 I made no defence; was condemned to death I made no defence; and was condemned to death frequently enter the prison to console and comfort him [Here alone, the 1804 form is “console” rather than “consolate”.] But the grief that preyed at his heart had wasted him to a skeleton ... to a mere skeleton trusting in the mercy of his Creator through the merits of a Redeemer ... the sufferings of a Redeemer were loose and could easily be removed were loose and could be easily removed every article of which he cut into narrow strips ... narrow slips same as 1804 a piece of long timber a long piece of timber as useless encumbrances without his clothes as a useless encumbrance ... You must have experienced a severe gale indeed You have experienced ... The sailor mused a few minutes The sailor mused for a few minutes Alonzo entered it to see how the sick and disabled American prisoners were treated ... and disabled prisoners were treated [Note] were treated with much more humanity than those who were imprisoned in America [Footnote] [same text as 1804] [Footnote] ... imprisoned at Halifax and other places in America he now found that he had lost his leg he now discovered ... it is possible I have been undesigningly accessory ... undesignedly accessory to render him mor...

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