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The Romance of Biography (Vol 2 of 2)
or Memoirs of Women Loved and Celebrated by Poets, from
the Days of the Troubadours to the Present Age. 3rd ed.
2 Vols.

written by "Jameson, Mrs. (Anna), 1794-1860"
...poetical romance now coiled up in mystic verse, shall then be evolved. Then we shall know the true history of Lord Byron's "Fare thee well." We shall then know more than the mere name of his Mary,[160] who first kindled his boyish fancy, and left an ineffaceable impression on his young heart, and whose history is said to be shadowed forth in "The Dream." We may then know who was the heroine of "Remember him whom passion's power:" whose moonlight charms at once so radiant and so shadowy, inspired "She walks in beauty;" we shall be told, perhaps, who was the Thyrza, so[Pg 353] loving and beloved in life, and whose early death, which appears to have taken place during his travels, is so deeply, so feelingly lamented: and who was his Ginevra,[161] and what spot of earth was made happy by her beautiful presence—if any thing so divinely beautiful ever was! Then we shall not ask in vain who was Campbell's Caroline?[162] Whether she did, indeed, walk this earth in mortal beauty, or was not rather invoked by the poet's spell, from the soft evening star which shone upon her bower? Then we shall know upon whose white bosom perished that rose,[163] which, dying, bequeathed with its odorous breath a tale of truest love to after-times, and glory to her, whose breast was its envied tomb—to her, whose heart has thrilled to the homage of her poet,—yet who would "blush to find it fame!" [Pg 354]Then we shall know who was the "Lucy," Who dwelt among the untrodden ways, Beside the springs of Dove![164] and who was the heroine of that most exquisite picture of feminine loveliness in all its aspects, "She was a Phantom of delight."[165]—No phantom, it is said, but a fair reality: A being, breathing thoughtful breath, A traveller betwixt life and death, yet fated not to die, while verse can live! Then we shall know whose tear has been preserved by Rogers with a power beyond "the Chymist's magic art;" who was t...

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