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The Ship of Fools, Volume 1
written by "Jamieson, T. H. (Thomas Hill), 1843-1876"
...s our mayster criste betray Of mannes soule wherof they haue the cure And settynge in their stede syr Johnn of garnesey They thynketh them selfe dischargyd quyte and sure These folys note nat that euery creature. Whiche here of soulys doth cure or charge take At domys day a compt for them shall make But if I sholde touche all the enormytees The immoderat couetyse and desyre of dignyte That nowe is vsed amonge all the degrees Of benefycyd men ouer all the spiritualte I fere displeasour, and also I often se That trouth is blamed, and nat ay best to tell But he that in this lyfe wyll alway besy be To get dyuers prebendes shall haue the last in hell Thenuoy of Barklay to the Folys. What meane ye gyders of Christis herytage Shall ye neuer leue this your deuowrynge mynde Shall ye no tyme your couytyse asswage Whiche in goddes seruyce your hartis sore doth blynde Let this fals traytour no place amonge you fynde Graunt hym no rowne in churche nor in quere. For this is sure ye shall all leue behynde We haue no Cyte, nor place abydynge here Of them that prolonge from day to day to amende themselfe. He that cras cras syngeth with the crowe Deferrynge the tyme of his amendement Amonge our folys, in this our shyp shall rowe For his presumpcion, dull mynde and blynde intent What knowe these folys whether god omnypotent Wyll graunt them to lyue vntyll another day. Wherfore we ought to mende vs whyle we may. If vnto any almyghty god doth sende From heuen aboue by inspyracion dyuyne Wyll and gode mynde his synnes to amende And with his grace his thoughtes enlumyne If that synner wyll nat therto enclyne But doth dyffer and dryue frome day to day A fole he is, no wys...

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