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Stories of Boys and Girls Who Loved the Saviour
A Token for Children

written by "Janeway, James, 1636?-1674"
...throne, and to the Lamb for ever!" 24. Upon this his speech began to fail him, but his soul was still taken up with glory; and nothing now grieved him but the sorrow that he saw his mother to be in for his death; a little to divert her he asked, "What she had for supper?" But presently, in a kind of rapture he cried, "O what a sweet supper have I making ready for me in glory!" 25. But seeing all this did but increase his mother's grief, he asked her, "What she meant thus to offend God? Know you not that it is the hand of the Almighty? 'Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God:' lay yourself in the dust and kiss the rod, in token of your submission to the will of God." Upon which, raising himself a little, he gave a lowly bow, and spake no more! but went to rest in the bosom of Jesus. PIOUS LITTLE PETER.PETER MELVILLE, from the commencement of his illness, received much satisfaction from reading the Bible and other serious books; and after the first month or six weeks, was not known to read any other. The short history of Jesus Christ, by Mason, afforded him great satisfaction. In prayer he joined most heartily, and his eyes, while his friends were engaged in this exercise, were always raised toward heaven. During his painful illness, which lasted four months, he was remarkably patient, and much distressed at the idea of giving trouble. From these circumstances it was concluded that his mind was seriously disposed. Fourteen days, however, before his death, being much worse and unable to leave his bed, his anxious parents, desirous to know his real state, asked him if his mind was easy? At first he appeared inclined to evade the question; but the question being repeated he burst into tears and cried out, "I have been a very great sinner, I do not feel a love for my Saviour, nor see him with an eye of faith." Different texts of Scripture were mentioned which directed him to cast all his care on the Lord. These appeared to comfort him in...

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