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The Great Gold Rush
A Tale of the Klondike

written by "Jarvis, W. H. P. (William Henry Pope), 1876-1944"
...ugh. "What numbers?" "I have lower half, fifty below centre discovery, left limit, and my friend here has upper half." Hardman grabbed a book and turned over the leaves to the space allotted these claims. "These claims are already recorded," which answer was not unexpected. "When were they staked?" Fatigued though he was, Hugh's face was livid with anger. "At one minute past midnight of the 11th of July, 1898." "No, they wasn't." "Well, that is what the affidavit says which I entered late yesterday afternoon." John now interposed. "We have been camped on this ground for three weeks, and have been on continuous watch. We staked these claims at 4 A.M. yesterday. No stakes were in the ground when we staked." "I can't help that; Joseph Trudean swears he staked one, and Ole Anderson swears he staked the other." "Say! have these claims been transferred?" asked Hugh. "Yes, each has been sold to James C. Beecher, barrister, of Dawson." "And the consideration?"[Pg 209] "One dollar." "Which would not buy a meal in Dawson!" Sick and beaten, John and Hugh stepped aside; George and Frank passed to the slaughter. Their friends waited for them. The time to wait was not long—the second two being even more quickly disposed of than the first. They went home, and ate a meal. Even Frank was reduced to seriousness, his only possible return to cheerfulness being when he said, "He! he! I told you it was time Uncle Sam came and took Canada!" John Berwick felt himself prompted to say "Amen." They early sought repose, but about nine in the evening John arose and dressed himself. He had slept but four hours when he suddenly awakened. Something called him to action. Hugh awakened too, and asked the time. He, then, also arose, as did the others. No one explained why he was dressing, or what he intended to do. Without words each knew they were going to the city—the call was on them to enter the haunts of men&mdash...

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