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Hesperus or Forty-Five Dog-Post-Days Vol. II
A Biography

written by "Jean Paul, 1763-1825"
...equire stiff ones, and make more account of a pointed wig than of a hair-bag as big as a buckle or a Titus's-head.[57] Sebastian appeared to people much too waggish to allow them to think that he had learned anything. In the article of physicians–as in every main article of property or of life–the most distinguished vulgar think as the lowest, and prize men and lapdogs according to shaggy wildness of exterior. Besides, Victor had the fault of bringing himself and the physicians under suspicion of a thirst for glory, in that he praised them outright; e. g. "By their impressment of sailors and dead men they were a sort of buyers-up of souls for the next world, and served for nut-crackers to the good angels, who desired the kernel without the bodily shell, in order to transplant it. How often do we not obviate," he continued, "the most dangerous transfers of maladies by an easy transfer of the patient? I might appeal to the refugis from this world, whether our sandbox and inkstand (the implements of our receipts) are not the sowing-machine and waterpot of the winter-crop of humanity; but the survivors shall speak and answer whether, for the benefices, the regiments, the estates in fee, the order-ribbons, which fall to them, they have not to thank our recipes and Uriah's-letters, and whether they or even kings would sit high and dry, without our frequent ditching and draining in the churchyard.–And yet, methinks, our renown in the way of healing and bringing to life is quite as great, if not greater; this glory–as well as the lists of mortality on which it is based–has remained for many centuries the same,–our theories, specifics, judgments, may change as they will." Such satires made the Prince right merry and incredulous. Dr. Culpepper, on the contrary, stood upon his dignity, and would have drawn his sword against a satirist who had talked of the slow decimation of physicians, an...

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