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Sketches in Lavender, Blue and Green
written by "Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 1859-1927"
...rrived prejudiced in our favour. My wife, the moment she saw him, suggested Henry as a more suitable name.  It struck me that the combination of the two would be still more appropriate, and accordingly, in the privacy of the domestic circle, Thomas Henry he was called.  When speaking of him to friends, we generally alluded to him as Thomas Henry, Esquire. He approved of us in his quiet, undemonstrative way.  He chose my own particular easy chair for himself, and stuck to it.  An ordinary cat I should have shot out, but Thomas Henry was not the cat one chivvies.  Had I made it clear to him that I objected to his presence in my chair, I feel convinced he would have regarded me much as I should expect to be regarded by Queen Victoria, were that gracious Lady to call upon me in a friendly way, and were I to inform her that I was busy, and request her to look in again some other afternoon.  He would have risen, and have walked away, but he never would have spoken to me again so long as we lived under the same roof. We had a lady staying with us at the time—she still resides with us, but she is now older, and possessed of more judgment—who was no respecter of cats.  Her argument was that seeing the tail stuck up, and came conveniently to one’s hand, that was the natural appendage by which to raise a cat.  She also laboured under the error that the way to feed a cat was to ram things into its head, and that its pleasure was to be taken out for a ride in a doll’s perambulator.  I dreaded the first meeting of Thomas Henry with this lady.  I feared lest she should give him a false impression of us as a family, and that we should suffer in his eyes. But I might have saved myself all anxiety.  There was a something about Thomas Henry that checked forwardness and damped familiarity.  His attitude towards her was friendly but firm.  Hesitatingly, and with a new-born r...

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