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Three Men on the Bummel
written by "Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 1859-1927"
...rdquo; whether intended to be said sarcastically or not, there was nothing to indicate—“I really must request you to move a little, madam, I can hardly breathe,” the author’s idea being, presumably, that by this time the whole party was mixed up together on the floor.  The chapter concluded with the phrase, “Here we are at our destination, God be thanked!  (Gott sei dank!)” a pious exclamation, which under the circumstances must have taken the form of a chorus. At the end of the book was an appendix, giving the German traveller hints concerning the preservation of his health and comfort during his sojourn in English towns, chief among such hints being advice to him to always travel with a supply of disinfectant powder, to always lock his bedroom door at night, and to always carefully count his small change. “It is not a brilliant publication,” I remarked, handing the book back to George; “it is not a book that personally I would recommend to any German about to visit England; I think it would get him disliked.  But I have read books published in London for the use of English travellers abroad every whit as foolish.  Some educated idiot, misunderstanding seven languages, would appear to go about writing these books for the misinformation and false guidance of modern Europe.” “You cannot deny,” said George, “that these books are in large request.  They are bought by the thousand, I know.  In every town in Europe there must be people going about talking this sort of thing.” “Maybe,” I replied; “but fortunately nobody understands them.  I have noticed, myself, men standing on railway platforms and at street corners reading aloud from such books.  Nobody knows what language they are speaking; nobody has the slightest knowledge of what they are saying.  This is, perhaps, as well; were they understoo...

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