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An Artilleryman's Diary
written by "Jones, Jenkins Lloyd"
... but it is wicked. [Pg 321]Chattanooga, Monday, April 10. Wet and muddy day, but no one knew it for we had such good news. 11 A. M. a bit of paper no bigger than my hands was distributed with the words "Lee has surrendered his army on terms which I dictated." U. S. Grant. It was enough. 1 P. M. the cannons spoke in thunder tones. Two hundred guns fired in rapid succession, around us on all sides, which mingled with the huzzahs of troops, reminded me very forcibly of more stirring scenes which I have witnessed. God grant that we may know no more such. How the thought of peace and tranquility throbs in each soldier's breast when he thinks of the home and associates he left so reluctantly to follow the path of duty, soon to be restored to him. No wonder his spirits should be exuberant, aye, even intoxicated with delight. But pen and paper is altogether too tame on such occasions. I'll write no more. Chattanooga, Tuesday, April 11. Lee has no doubt surrendered! but it did not stop detailing in camp. I was one of the lucky ones to report to the Inspector General (a man from each Battery) 8 A. M. And we went to work on a miniature "Dutch gap canal", two large ponds of stagnant water lying between the camps were to be drained and carried off to the river. And by supper time we had the satisfaction of knowing that it was not a failure like Butler's, but carried off ague and diarrhea with a rush. Am a little tired but do not regret the labor bestowed. Chattanooga, Wednesday, April 12. Another of the many rainy days that we have to experience in this country, a continuous stream poured down all day. Had to water the horses twice, doing which I got thoroughly soaked each time, but it would not be military to change. Received letters from home stating they had their wheat all [Pg 322]in. Here the trees are not in leaf yet, although spring has opened six weeks ago. What little farming is done here goes on very leisurely, whi...

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