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Records of Harvest Mice, Reithrodontomys, from Central America, with Description of a New Subspecies from Nicaragua
written by "Jones, J. Knox, 1929-1992"
.... gracilis as mapped by Hooper (1952:131). The male, KU 65384, and female, KU 65385, are adults with comparatively unworn molar teeth. Respective external measurements are: total length, 178, 175; length of tail, 106, 102; length of hind foot, 18.5, 19; length of ear from notch, 14, 14. Reithrodontomys gracilis harrisi Goodwin.—Nicaragua.—Estelí: 9 mi. NNW Estelí, 1 (KU 71342—July 15, 1956). Managua: 3 mi. SW Managua, 15 (KU 71345-59—February, May, June, 1956); 4 mi. W Managua, 2 (KU 71360-61—June 26, 28, 1956). Comments on the series from 3 mi. SW Managua have appeared elsewhere (Englert, 1959:153). The specimen from 9 mi. NNW Estelí contained four embryos that measured 5 mm. in crown-rump length. Reithrodontomys gracilis pacificus Goodwin.—El Salvador.—San Salvador: 1 mi. NW San Salvador, 1 (KU 71396—July 29, 1956).[Pg 526] In coloration (being but slightly paler), and in small size, this specimen resembles the description of R. g. pacificus given by Hooper (1952:135) and ten specimens of pacificus (nine from Guatemala and one from Chiapas) examined by us. Because of this resemblance and the marked contrast with specimens of R. g. anthonyi discussed above we assign this specimen to pacificus. In comparison with two topotypes (AMNH 79062, 79090) of R. g. anthonyi from Sacapulas, Guatemala, taken on February 9 and March 2 that are essentially the same age as KU 71396, the latter specimen is darker dorsally, the tail is darker both dorsally and ventrally, and the skull is smaller. In paleness of upper surface of hind feet, length of palate relative to length of incisive foramina, and size of bullae, KU 71396 resembles anthonyi. We interpret these resemblances to anthonyi as evidence of intergradation between pacificus and anthonyi. Felten (1958:9) referred two specimens from El Salvador (one from San Salvador and one from Amate de Campo, Departmento de La Paz)...

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