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Shakespeare's play of the Merchant of Venice
Arranged for Representation at the Princess's Theatre, with Historical and Explanatory Notes by Charles Kean, F.S.A.

written by "Kean, Charles John, 1811?-1868"
... hast got more hair on thy chin than Dobbin, my phill-horse,[50] has on his tail. Lau. It should seem, then, that Dobbin's tail grows backward; I am sure he had more hair of his tail than I have of my face, when I last saw him. Gob. Lord, how art thou changed! How dost thou and thy master agree? I have brought him a present. Lau. (rises.) Give him a present! give him a halter: I am famished in his service; you may tell every finger I have with my ribs. Father, I am glad you are come: give me your present to one master Bassanio, who, indeed, gives rare new liveries; if I serve not him, I will run as far as Heaven has any ground.—O rare fortune! here comes the man;—to him, father; for I am a Jew if I serve the Jew any longer. Enter BASSANIO, with LEONARDO, and STEPHANO. Bas. See these letters deliver'd; put the liveries to making; and desire Gratiano to come anon to my lodging. [Exit a SERVANT. Lau. To him, father. Gob. Heaven bless your worship! Bas. Gramercy! Would'st thou aught with me? Gob. Here's my son, sir, a poor boy— Lau. Not a poor boy, sir; but the rich Jew's man; that would, sir, as my father shall specify. Gob. He hath a great infection, sir, as one would say, to serve—— Lau. Indeed, the short and the long is, I serve the Jew, and have a desire as my father shall specify. Gob. His master and he (saving your worship's reverence) are scarce cater-cousins. Lau. To be brief, the very truth is, that the Jew having done me wrong, doth cause me, as my father, being I hope an old man, shall frutify unto you. Gob. I have here a dish of doves, that I would bestow upon your worship; and my suit is—— Lau. In very brief, the suit is impertinent[51] to myself, as your worship shall know by this honest old man; and, though I say it, though old man, yet poor man, my father. Bas. One speak for both. What would you? Lau. Serve you, sir. Gob. That is the ...

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