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We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run
written by "Kenyon, Chris A."
... work before darkness forced them to stop. Alec had wandered away somewhere, but Pete and Mr. Simpson were waiting for their supper. "We can go into Plains City and record tomorrow," Mr. Simpson said happily. "The next day we can bring the other wagon and our folks up! I'll certainly be glad to see them!" "I will, too," Pete said. "Can Alec and I go with you?" Cindy asked. "Wouldn't have it any other way," her father said. He jumped suddenly. "What the blazes is that?" The hideous, wailing noise, when it arose, made the hair on the back of Cindy's neck prickle. It was a mournful sound, as though a condemned spirit had escaped and was wandering about to cry its torment. Pete's and Mr. Simpson's hands went to their guns. A moment later, dangling something on a string, Alec appeared in the oak grove. When he swung the thing around his head, the noise sounded again. "Alec!" his father gasped. "What the dickens!" "Did I scare you?" Alec grinned. "What in tarnation is that thing?" his father demanded. "A bull-roarer," said Alec. "Gramps showed me how to make it." He showed them an oak stick whose ends were whittled to thin blades that slanted in different directions. When he whirled it around his head, the thin blades made the unearthly noise. "Shall I show you how it works?" Alec asked. "Put your toy away," Cindy said loftily. "We're going to Plains City tomorrow." CHAPTER TWELVE Plains City Pete and Jed were asleep in the wagon. Completely enchanted by the night, Alec and Cindy sat outside. A big round moon hung so low in the sky that it seemed to roll like a wagon wheel right across the tops of the hillocks. There couldn't possibly be such a moon anywhere except in Oklahoma. It shed so much light that Cindy thought she could count every hair on the picketed horses and mules. She could see the grass plainly, and had she had a book, she would have been able to read it. But, though it ...

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