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A Philanthropist
written by "Bacon, Josephine Daskam, 1876-1961" accept his escort—it too clearly resembled a tacit consent to his idleness. But his quiet persistence, together with his evident cynicism as to the results of these professional tours, accomplished, as usual, his end; and the wondering village might observe on hot June mornings its benefactress, languidly accompanied by a slender man in white flannels, balancing a large white green-lined umbrella, picking his way daintily along the dusty paths, with a covered basket dangling from one hand and a gray-green volume distending one white pocket. There was material, too, for the interested observer in the picture of Miss Gould distributing reading matter, fruit, and lectures on household economy in the cottages of the mill-hands, while her lodger pitched pennies with the delighted children outside. It was on one of these occasions that Miss Gould took the opportunity to address Mr. Thomas Waters, late of the paper and cardboard manufacturing force, on the wickedness and folly of his present course of action. Mr. Waters had left his position on the strength of his wife's financial success. Mrs. Waters was a laundress, and the summer boarders, together with Mr. Welles, who alone went far toward establishing the fortunes of the family, had combined to place the head of the house in his present condition of elegant leisure. "I wonder at you, Tom Waters, after all the interest we've taken in you Are you not horribly ashamed to depend on your wife in this lazy way?" Miss Gould demanded of the once member of the Reformed Drunkards' League. "How many times have I explained to you that nothing—absolutely nothing—is so disgraceful as a man who will not work? What were you placed in the world for? How do you justify your existence?" "How," replied her unabashed audience, with a wave of his pipe toward the front yard, where Mr. Welles was amiably superintending a wrestling match, "does he justify hisn?" Had Miss Gould b...

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