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The Lost Child
written by "Kingsley, Henry, 1830-1876"
...s. Why they do so, God, who leads them, only knows; but the fact is beyond denial. Ask Rover what he thinks?" The brave old dog was half-way up, looking back for them. It took them nearly till dark to get their horses up; and, as there was no moon, and the way was getting perilous, they determined to camp, and start again in the morning. They spread their blankets and lay down side by side. Sam had thought, from Cecil's proposing to come with him in preference to the others, that he would speak of a subject nearly concerning them both; but Cecil went off to sleep and made no sign; and Sam, ere he dozed, said to himself,[Pg 37] "If he don't speak this journey, I will. It is unbearable that we should not come to some understanding. Poor Cecil!" At early dawn they caught up their horses, which had been hobbled with the stirrup leathers, and started afresh. Both were more silent than ever, and the dog, with his nose to the ground, led them slowly along the rocky rib of the mountain, ever going higher and higher. "It is inconceivable," said Sam, "that the poor child can have come up here. There is Tuckerimbid close to our right, five thousand feet above the river. Don't you think we must be mistaken?" "The dog disagrees with you," said Cecil. "He has something before him not very far off. Watch him."[Pg 38] The trees had become dwarfed and scattered; they were getting out of the region of trees; the real forest zone was now below them, and they saw they were emerging towards a bald elevated down, and that a few hundred yards before them was a dead tree, on the highest branch of which sat an eagle. "The dog has stopped," said Cecil; "the end is near." "See," said Sam, "there is a hand-kerchief under the tree." "That is the boy himself," said Cecil. There he lay, dead and stiff. [Pg 39][Pg 40] They were up to him and off in a moment. There he lay, dead and stiff, one hand still grasping the flowers he had gathere...

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