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Taking Tales
Instructive and Entertaining Reading

written by "Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880"
...o clear half an acre of ground, and to get the walls and roof of the log hut up in one day. Most of the settlers in Thornhill were well, in spite of the cold, except Mrs Kemp. She had for some time been ailing, and expected soon to give birth to another child, Mrs Hale had gone in to have a chat with her, and to help her in some household matters, when Tommy came running in breathless. “What’s the matter, Tommy; eh boy?” asked Mrs Hale. “A big tree has come down at Mr Sudbury’s clearing, and killed, or pretty nigh killed, some one. Nobody knows who it is, but I hope it’s not father, nor Mr Hale either.” These words frightened both the wives, who wanted to set off at once. “No, no, I’ll go,” said Mrs Hale. “You stay quiet at home, Mrs Kemp. It’s the only fit place for you.” Just then, one of the Miss Landon’s came in to see Mrs Kemp. She said, if Tony, who had come up with his mother, would go with her, she would set off at once, with such things as were likely to be of use to the sufferer, whoever he might be. “You, Mrs Hale, stay and take care of Mrs Kemp,” she said. This Mrs Hale promised to do, for Mrs Kemp was looking very ill. Mary Landon was a young girl of much sense. She hurried home, and collected all the articles she might require. Tony said that he knew a short cut, but as it was not beaten down it could not be passed except on snow-shoes. His own he had brought with him. Mary had lately learned to walk in them, and had a a pair ready. They were wooden frames in shape something like an egg flattened out, only sharp at both ends. The centre part was net-work of leather thongs, like a very coarse sieve. They are fastened to the feet by thongs of leather. From covering so much space, they do not sink into the snow. On their feet, people in winter wear in the country soft leather socks, called mocassins, with one or two pairs of thick worsted socks inside....

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