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The Seven Seas
written by "Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936"
... To the night, to the palms in the moonlight, And the fire-fly in the cane! To the hearth of our people's people—[52] To her well-ploughed windy sea, To the hush of our dread high-altars Where the Abbey makes us We; To the grist of the slow-ground ages, To the gain that is yours and mine— To the Bank of the Open Credit, To the Power-house of the Line! We've drunk to the Queen—God bless her!— We've drunk to our mothers' land; We've drunk to our English brother (And we hope he'll understand). We've drunk as much as we're able, And the Cross swings low to the morn; Last toast—and your foot on the table!— A health to the Native-born! A health to the Native-born, (Stand up!) We're six white men arow, All bound to sing o' the little things we care about, All bound to fight for the little things we care about With the weight of a six-fold blow! By the might of our cable-tow, (Take hands!) From the Orkneys to the Horn,[53] All round the world (and a little loop to pull it by), All round the world (and a little strap to buckle it), A health to the Native-born! [54] THE KING. "Farewell, Romance!" the Cave-men said; "With bone well carved he went away, Flint arms the ignoble arrowhead, And jasper tips the spear to-day. Changed are the Gods of Hunt and Dance, And he with these. Farewell, Romance!" "Farewell, Romance!" the Lake-folk sighed; "We lift the weight of flatling years; The caverns of the mountain side Hold him who scorns our hutted piers. Lost hills whereby we dare not dwell, Guard ye his rest. Romance, farewell!" "Farewell, Romance!" the Soldier spoke; "By sleight of sword we may not win, But scuffle 'mid uncleanly smoke Of arquebus and culverin. Honour is lost, and none may tell Who paid good blows. Romance, farewell!" "Farewell, Romance!" the Traders cried;[55] "Our keels ha' lain with every sea; The dull-returning wind and tide Heave up the wharf where we wou...

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