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The Crofton Boys
written by "Kronheim, Joseph Martin, 1810-1896"
...ied till his pillow was quite wet, and he was almost choked with his grief; for he tried hard not to let his sobs be heard. After awhile, he felt what he might do. Though he had kneeled he had not really prayed: and if he had, God is never weary of prayers. It was a happy thought to Hugh that his very best friend was with him still, and that he might speak to Him at any time. He spoke now in his heart; and a great comfort it was. He said— “O God, I am all alone here, where nobody knows me; and everything is very strange and uncomfortable. Please, make people kind to me till I am used to them; and keep up a brave heart in me, if they are not. Help me not to mind little things; but to do my lessons well, that I may get to like being a Crofton boy, as I thought I should. I love them all at home very much,—better than I ever did before. Make them love me, and think of me every day,—particularly Agnes,—that they may be as glad as I shall be when I go home at Christmas.” This was the most of what he had to say; and he dropped asleep with the feeling that God was listening to him. After a long while, as it seemed to him, though it was only an hour, there was a light and some bustle in the room. It was Phil and two others coming to bed. “O Phil!” cried Hugh, starting bolt upright and winking with sleep,—“I meant to keep awake, to ask you to be sure and call me in the morning, time enough,—quite time enough, please.” The others laughed; and Phil asked whether he had not seen the bell, as he came; and what it should be for but to ring everybody up in the morning. “But I might not hear it,” pleaded Hugh. “Not hear it? You’ll soon see that.” “Well, but you will see that I really do wake, won’t you?” “The bell will take care of that, I tell you,” was all he could get from Phil. Chapter Five. Crofton Play. Hugh found, in the morni...

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