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Viking Tales
written by "Lambdin, Victor Ralph, 1876-1963"
...the soil that Thor loves." So they carried the pillars and the chest of earth and the statues of the gods, and put them into Ingolf's boat. "It is a well-packed ship," the men said. "There is no spot to spare." Tools, and chests of food, and tubs of drink, and chests of clothes, and fishing nets were stowed in the bows of both boats. In the bottom were laid some long, heavy, hewn logs. "The trees in Iceland are little," Ingolf said. "We must take the great beams for our homes with us." Standing on these logs were a few cattle and sheep and horses and pigs.[122] The rowers' benches were along the sides. In the stern of each boat was a little cabin. Here the women and children were to sleep. But the men would sleep on the timbers in the middle of the boat and perhaps they would put up the awning sometimes. At last everyone was aboard. Men loosed the rope that held the boats. The ships flashed down the rollers into the water, and Ingolf and Leif were off for Iceland. As they sailed away everyone looked back at the shore of old Norway. There were tears in the women's eyes. Helga, Leif's wife, sang: "There was I born. There was I wed. There are my father's bones. There are the hills and fields, The streams and rocks that I love. There are houses and temples, Women and warriors and feasts, Ships and songs and fights— A crowded, joyous land. I go to an empty land." There was the same long voyage with storm and fog. But at last the people saw again the white cloud and saw it growing into land and mountains. Then[123] Ingolf took the pillars of his high seat and threw them overboard. "Guide them to a good place, O Thor!" he cried. The waves caught them up and rolled them about. Ingolf followed them with his ship. But soon a storm came up. The men had to take down the sails and masts, and they could do nothing with their oars. The two ships tossed about in the sea wherever the waves sent them....

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