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The Lost Art of Reading
written by "Lee, Gerald Stanley, 1862-1944"
...IAM HARBUTT DAWSON 12°. Illustrated. Each, net $1.20 By Mail 1.30 I—FRENCH LIFE IN TOWN AND COUNTRY By Hannah Lynch. “Miss Lynch’s pages are thoroughly interesting and suggestive. Her style, too, is not common. It is marked by vivacity without any drawback of looseness, and resembles a stream that runs strongly and evenly between walls. It is at once distinguished and useful…. Her five-page description (not dramatization) of the grasping Paris landlady is a capital piece of work…. Such well-finished portraits are frequent in Miss Lynch’s book, which is small, inexpensive, and of a real excellence.”—The London Academy. “Miss Lynch’s book is particularly notable. It is the first of a series describing the home and social life of various European peoples—a series long needed and sure to receive a warm welcome. Her style is frank, vivacious, entertaining, captivating, just the kind for a book which is not at all statistical, political, or controversial. A special excellence of her book, reminding one of Mr. Whiteing’s, lies in her continual contrast of the English and the French, and she thus sums up her praises: ?The English are admirable: the French are lovable.’”—The Outlook. II—GERMAN LIFE IN TOWN AND COUNTRY By W. H. Dawson, author of “Germany and the Germans,” etc. “The book is as full of correct, impartial, well-digested, and well-presented information as an egg is of meat. One can only recommend it heartily and without reserve to all who wish to gain an insight into German life. It worthily presents a great nation, now the greatest and strongest in Europe.”—Commercial Advertiser. III—RUSSIAN LIFE IN TOWN AND COUNTRY By Francis H. E. Palmer, sometime Secretary to H. H. Prince Droutskop-Loubetsky (Equerry to H. M. the Emperor of Russia). “We would recommend this above all other works of its character to those ...

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