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The Court Jester
written by "Baker, Cornelia"
...ou might as well tell us," said the Lady Clotilde, "for we are bound to know it sooner or later." "I will never tell, I will go to my death first," said the girl desperately.[Pg 113] "You deserve to go to your death, since you are so stubborn," said the Lady Clotilde vindictively. "But give me back my jewel, and you shall be troubled no more so far as I am concerned." "I can not give you what I have not got. I call upon all the saints to witness that I know nothing of the object which you have lost." "She does but blaspheme," said the Lady Clotilde coldly. "Let her be handed over to the law." The punishment for all kinds of crime was most severe at this time, and it is no wonder that Cimburga sobbed convulsively as she was taken from the room. This unfortunate incident cast a gloom over the company. It was easy to see that the countess was unhappy about the accusation that had been made against the young girl who was under her own protection. The Lady Clotilde was sulky and restless, while the others seemed to be puzzled by what had happened. When the gentlemen, who had been hunting, returned to the castle, they were told of the occurrence of the morning, and most of those who gave an opinion were inclined to agree with the owner of the jewel that Cimburga was guilty, even the count expressing grave doubts as to her innocence. Cimburga was nothing but a servant, therefore was more than likely to be the thief. "I wish," said Le Glorieux to Philibert, "that we had left Clotilde in France. I have been acquainted[Pg 114] with her for a number of years, and I have never known a time when there was not some kind of agitation on her account. She is always just coming, or just going, or is looking for something that she can not find, or is doing something or other to make everybody around her restless. She is like a whirlwind that picks up leaves and sticks and slams them about. I know that she is your relative, but that is not y...

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