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In the Year '13
A Tale of Mecklenburg Life

written by "Lewes, Charles Lee"
...ed for whatever might come: "Yes, Herr Amtshauptmann," said he. "And are you aware that you have brought the Miller into great trouble?" "Trouble? He's pretty well used to troubles, and one more won't hurt him." "Was it you who took the valise from the Frenchman's horse?" "Yes, Herr." "And did you not take eight groschen of the Frenchman's property?" "I only paid myself back eight groschen of my own," said Friedrich and he told them the story. "You took them contrary to law and right, and what is he called who does that?" Friedrich looked boldly at the old Herr, but said not a word. "Bailiff Besserdich, what is such a man called?" "By your leave, Herr Amtshauptmann, a thief!" the Bailiff broke out. "And he is one. Herr, it was only to-day he stole one of Bullfinch's sausages off the smoking-stick,--and the fellow wants to marry my Hanchen!" "What does he want to do?" "My Hanchen, Herr, who is in your service, he wants to marry her." "Oh! ho!" said the Herr Amtshauptmann, and he looked at Friedrich from top to toe; "that's quite another thing.--You can go out now, my son, but I shall remember you." Friedrich went, inwardly cursing the Bailiff and the Herr Amtshauptmann: "What does he want to remember me for?" he said to himself as he stood in the Hall. But if he had known what those words meant in the mouth of the old Herr, he would not have been angry; for it was not the custom of the Amtshauptmann to remember what was bad; evil passed over his head without touching him, but if ever a means of doing good came in his way, he was only afraid lest he should lose the opportunity, and then it was always "Neiting,--Fritz Sahlmann,--Westphalen,--or children,--help me remember." When Friedrich was gone, the old Herr turned round and said, lau...

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