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Jerry of the Islands
written by "London, Jack, 1876-1916"
...oss and filled on the other tack. Van Horn had missed nothing of it.  Before, in his time, he had seen young dogs frightened into genuine fits by their first encounters with heaven-filling, sky-obscuring, down-impending sails.  This was the first dog he had seen leap with bared teeth, undismayed, to grapple with the huge unknown. With spontaneity of admiration, Van Horn swept Jerry from the deck and gathered him into his arms. CHAPTER III Jerry quite forgot Meringe for the time being.  As he well remembered, the hawk had been sharp of beak and claw.  This air-flapping, thunder-crashing monster needed watching.  And Jerry, crouching for the spring and ever struggling to maintain his footing on the slippery, heeling deck, kept his eyes on the mainsail and uttered low growls at any display of movement on its part. The Arangi was beating out between the coral patches of the narrow channel into the teeth of the brisk trade wind.  This necessitated frequent tacks, so that, overhead, the mainsail was ever swooping across from port tack to starboard tack and back again, making air-noises like the swish of wings, sharply rat-tat-tatting its reef points and loudly crashing its mainsheet gear along the traveller.  Half a dozen times, as it swooped overhead, Jerry leaped for it, mouth open to grip, lips writhed clear of the clean puppy teeth that shone in the sun like gems of ivory. Failing in every leap, Jerry achieved a judgment.  In passing, it must be noted that this judgment was only arrived at by a definite act of reasoning.  Out of a series of observations of the thing, in which it had threatened, always in the same way, a series of attacks, he had found that it had not hurt him nor come in contact with him at all.  Therefore—although he did not stop to think that he was thinking—it was not the dangerous, destroying thing he had first deemed it.  It might be well to be wary of it, though already it had ta...

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