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Handy Andy, Volume One
A Tale of Irish Life, in Two Volumes

written by "Lover, Samuel, 1797-1868" exclaiming, "Save us and keep us! where am I? What's this? O Lord!" "You're dead!" said Murphy; "and the coroner's inquest has just sat on you!"   An Irish Inquest "Dead!" cried M'Garry, with a horrified stare. "Dead!" repeated the doctor, solemnly. "Are you not Doctor Growling?" "You see the effect, Mr. Murphy," said the doctor, not noticing M'Garry's question—"you see the effect of the process." "Wonderful!" said Murphy. "Preserve us!" cried the bewildered apothecary. "How could I know you if I was dead, doctor? Oh, doctor dear, sure I'm not dead?" "As a herring," said the doctor. "Lord have mercy on me! Oh, Mr. Murphy, sure I'm not dead?" "You're dead, sir," said Murphy; "the doctor has only galvanised you for a few moments." "O Lord!" groaned M'Garry. "Doctor—indeed, doctor?" "You are in a state of temporary animation," said the doctor. "I do feel very odd, indeed," said the terrified man, putting his hands to his throbbing temples. "How long am I dead?" "A week next Tuesday," said the doctor. "Galvanism has preserved you from decomposition." M'Garry uttered a heavy groan, and looked up piteously at his two tormentors. Murphy, fearful the shock might drive him out of his mind, said, "Perhaps, doctor, you can preserve his life altogether: you have kept him alive so long?" "I'll try," said Growling; "hand me that tumbler." Murphy handed him a tumbler full of water, and the doctor gave it to M'Garry, and desired him to try and drink it; he put it to his lips and swallowed a little drop. "Can you taste it?" asked the doctor. "Isn't it water?" said M'Garry. "You see how dull the nerves are yet," said Growlin...

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