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The man that was a ghost

written by "Mackereth, James Allan, 1871-"
...mmers rich from long ago, Dreamer mid dreams, thy peerless face aglow With rare romance and passionate poesy; Hath time's delirium taken even thee, Mother of Petrarch, Raphael, Angelo? And dost thou purblind speed to weltering woe, Dead to the wonder that was Italy? Farewell thy peace, farewell thy pride, farewell The roseate rapture of the radiant years. Thy breast shall nourish sorrows, and thy fears Shall haunt the olives and the sunset bell; Ah, thou shalt sigh for Francis and his cell, And beat with Dante to the bourn of tears. II. Italia, dowered with Asia's amorous eyes, With India's glow through snows Circassian, The Muses' love since Dorian lightning ran Kindling the west to perilous surprise,— Crowned with thy dawn-star, lo! portentous-wise, Steps the stern pupil of the Mantuan And lowers toward moon-mute deserts African Where, stained with rapine's rose, thy honour lies. Dim grows the vision of th' enchanted shore. Queen of the lovely and the lonely vow, Farewell. False time hath charmed thee, and thy brow Is toward eclipse and storms that rend and roar. Fond valedictions fade afar, but thou Canst be our dream's Italia nevermore. A SON OF CAIN By JAMES A. MACKERETH Crown 8vo, 3/6 net. SOME OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Westminster Review.—We write under the conviction that Mr. Mackereth is destined to compel the admiration not only of a few critics but also of the general public. Times Literary Supplement.—He has a note of his own; one can always enjoy the rich exuberance of his fancy and of his diction. Daily Telegraph.—A true singer whom no reader with a taste for contemporary poetry should overlook. Yorkshire Daily Observer.—... We cannot afford to neglect such poetry—it is vital... Alive with the spirit of the new century. Aberdeen Free Press.—The "Ode on the Passing of Autumn"... a really splendid poem... Mr. Mackereth is undoub...

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