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Little People: An Alphabet
written by "Mayer, Henry, 1868-1954"
...shington Neb-u-chad-nez-zar Solomon Sambo Snowball Timothy Jack Adolphus Rule Britannia Black. [Pg 29] L for Laplander. I think the Laplander is nice, He lives among the snow and ice; The reindeer drags his sledge for him, And gives him meat and milk to skim. His spears are sharp—they shine like steel; He hunts the walrus and the seal. Often, when he has time to spare, He hunts the white or polar bear. [Pg 30] [Pg 31] [Pg 32] M for Mexican. The plucky little Mexican Rides on the pampas like a man; His horse may kick, and plunge, and rear, He does not feel the least bit queer. If he should see an old grey goose Or a young turkey running loose, You may be pretty certain that He'd catch it with his lariat. [Pg 33] N for Neapolitan. The Neapolitan is wise, He plays the pipes for pence, and buys Ice-cream and candy every day To help him on his weary way. His tunes are chiefly of one note, He has a sheepskin for a coat, His water-bottle's painted yellow, He is a handsome little fellow. [Pg 34] [Pg 35] [Pg 36] O for Odalisque. O pretty little Odalisque, I know you want to dance and frisk And play at hide and seek with me; And yet, you know, it cannot be, Unless—unless, my dear, you choose To put away those curious shoes, Also your coat, and cap, and veil: They'd hang up nicely on a nail. [Pg 37] P for Persian. The Persian has a funny hat, He often sits upon a mat; He hears the bulbul sing, and roves Through rose-gardens and lemon groves. Child, if by any chance you meet A little Persian in the street, Do not be rude and cry "Yah-yah!" But ask him if he's seen the Shah. [Pg 38] [Pg 39] [Pg 40] Q for Quakeress. I like the little Quakeress, She is so quaint; I like her dress, Her very, very plain white bonnet, Her stuff gown with no trimming on it. Her hands are pink, and...

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