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Spool Knitting
written by "McCormack, Mary A."
...three inches wide. Sew four rows of flat or six rows of round web for the neck. Begin three inches from the ends to make the front. Gradually shorten each row until it is of the desired length. Make loops of twisted yarn and sew to one end of the neck band to slip over the buttons. Sew the buttons on the opposite end and on the inside where they will be hidden while the muffler is being worn. [Pg 60] [Pg 61] Made of Knitting Cotton Knitting cotton can be secured at any department store. It comes in colors white, black, red, navy blue, and mixed colors. This is not as elastic as worsted and is used where strength is required, such as bags, hammocks, wash-cloths, etc. It is very inexpensive and can be used to great advantage. [Pg 62] [Pg 63] Jumping Rope Select a piece of jute, or stout cord the length of the desired rope. Drop one end of this and one end of the knitting cotton through the hole in the knitter (use knitter having four posts), and draw it out at the other end three inches. Bring the cotton leading from the ball around each post once, then proceed with the knitting, covering the cord or jute which is used as a core or foundation for the rope. Cords for pillow tops may also be made in this way. [Pg 64] [Pg 65] Toy Horse Reins These are made of coarse knitting cotton on four-post knitters. Knit a piece three yards long for the reins. The children measure each other for the breast-piece, which will be from ten to twelve inches long. This is fastened to the reins nine inches below the center of the neck on each side, to allow the head to pass through easily. Two colors may be used in knitting the reins, working around first with one color, then with the other. Fourteen yards of knitting cotton will make one yard of web on the four-post knitter. [Pg 66] [Pg 67] Wash Cloth This is made of white knitting cotton. It requires nine yards of web for a cloth ten by twelve in...

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